Studio Iowa offers Immersive Video, an exciting product allowing the viewer to be immersed in the scene and experience video in an entirely new way.  From the invention of the first photographic cameras, the final product was limited to a single point of view as seen from a fixed lens.  By capturing a spherical image and leveraging the power of modern devices for playback, viewers are able to view content and interactively change their perspective.

Studio Iowa leverages our expertise in visual storytelling to create 360º videos that are engaging and draw viewers deeper into the experience of consuming video content.  We draw on our expertise in video production, visual effects, and motion graphics to create next-level immersive video content.  We are able to add graphic elements such as logos, titles, and special effects animations to allow our partners new ways to brand their content without detracting from the story.

Immersive 360º video can be distributed through mainline social media channels – YouTube and Facebook provide native support for 360º video, making immersive video an amazing way to create engagement with fans and customers that draw them deeper into the experience and story that your organization is trying to tell.

Note:  360º video is not currently supported in Safari.  For the best experience, Studio Iowa recommends the use of Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or a native YouTube app on a mobile device.

Immersive video is incredibly useful for capturing events and telling stories that take place beyond a single point of view.  The use of immersive video to document live events such as concerts, sporting events, or large gatherings suddenly become opportunities to bring the viewer INTO the action as if they were at the event.  There is no comparison to the front row experience created by the use of 360 video for messaging.

Compared to traditional video production, the on-site footprint of a 360º video shoot is typically small and unobtrusive, allowing camera placement right where it needs to be –  at the center of the action.  Projects can scale from 30-60 second captures at the core of an event, to a multi-camera experience across a larger event, to full narrative storytelling with spatial audio that provides aural cues to the viewer.