Studio Iowa has three core service areas:  video production, motion graphics & animation, and photography.  We specialize in telling stories visually.  A critical step in our process to help organizations get to the core of the issue – teasing out the story that really communicates the vision of each group.

As part of our video production work, we produce a wide range of content types, including training video, marketing video, sales video presentations, short films, long format narrative video, and corporate communication video.  In the age of digital distribution, much of the video production content we create can be used on client websites and social media channels.

Motion Graphics & Animation

Our motion graphics and animation specialization allows us to add visual flair and interest to a project.  Some projects require 3D graphics elements to be added to an element of video, while some projects consist primarily of animation and motion graphics elements.  Project types include explainer animations, 3D product illustrations, cutaway animations, logo animations, photo-realistic visual effects, and other elements necessary to visually tell the story each organization has.